Why Zanussi?

Zanussi solar is the only company that delivers the Zanussi PV range and we are the only company who deliver direct to homeowners in the uk.

With a forecast of 10,000 installations for 2018, Zanussi is one of the market leaders.

We are a household brand with great awareness, outselling well known solar brands as they are not known by the homeowner.

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How do I get solar?

1 Have it funded

With the feed in tariff and the export income, coupled together with the energy savings by using the free energy that solar produces and not buying the expensive energy from the grid, this can help to contribute towards the cost of the solar installation.

The repayments stay the same over the term and the great news is the income and saving will increase annually eventually putting real money back in to your pocket.

2Pay for it

By paying for your system up front you will receive a great return on investment. Why not invest in your future and take control of your energy costs for the next 30 years.

Giving you energy security and a tax free income from your solar system. All our products and installations are backed by industry leading protection from HIES and the world’s leading manufacturers.


Earn & Save Up To
£36,468 Over 20 Years

  • Lower your energy bills
  • Protect yourself against rising energy costs
  • Get Paid For Every Unit of Energy You Produce
  • Anti-reflective and Self Cleaning SurfaceReduces power loss from dirt and dust
  • Great Warranties25 year performance. 25 year manufacturing warranty
  • Outstanding Performance In Low-lightGreat for British roofs
  • Excellent Mechanical Load Resistance:Certified to withstand high wind loads (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa)

Fully Protectedwith HIES

You are fully protected with HIES,
home insulation and energy systems
quality assured contractor’s scheme.

"Not everyone in the home improvements sector is reliable. I strongly recommend you use a member of HIES"

Nick Ross(Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch Presenter)

  • Free advice line: 0800 505 3412
  • Free deposit protection
  • Free stage payment protection
  • Free insurance backed guarantee
  • (to help fully resolve any disputes)
  • Free independent inspections (providing a thorough defect analysis report)
  • (to provide a legally binding, enforceable resolution)
  • Free access to ombudsman (to conclude disputes without incurring
  • Free access to compensation fund (to honor all ombudsman awards)Products will be MCS & HIES registered

Invest a little.
Save even more